My Story


Hi, I'm Tracey...

My STORY as an entrepreneur began in the late 90’s when I was given an opportunity to run a computer school in Cape Town.  I named the school "That Personal Touch Training". It summed up the service I wanted to give: catering to the individual.  My focus was on training Microsoft Office from an intro to an advanced level.  I later added Secretarial and Bookkeeping to my courses as there was a need to help young people get into the job market.

In 2002 I joined forces with then Softsource, now The Sales Institute where I carried on my training career.  I ran the Microsoft Office Training as well as helping to run the business.  

In the more recent years I have had the opportunity to focus more on Sales Training and Coaching working along side Tim Keys, someone I respect and who taught me so much. At Sales Institute I became known as the visualiser because I have an ability to make complex concepts easier to understand, normally in the form of a picture. In our sales training we look at concepts such as how important the right message is.  We look at a change in mindset of wanting to be the hero but rather being the guide and giving your customers insight instead of just selling a product.  

During lock down I was part of a coaching program for a group of small business owners which made me re-evaluate where I find myself now.  It made me think how important these concepts I was teaching are to a small business owner. A few years ago I had the name Design 4 Life for a business I was going to start then but it did not work out.  Lying in bed one morning the name came to mind again and this in turn ignited the vision for this venture. 

With the growing unemployment we find in our country, so many more people are going to have to step out, take a risk and become self employed.  I want to walk along side these entrepreneurs showing them the importance of getting their message right, making sure they can have an affordable website and guide them to realise they have what it takes to be successful.